Illinois Criminal Records Public Access Obtained Online Instantly

Along with the many wonderful advancement that our modern world has given us is the possibility of danger striking in the most unexpected time and ways. Because of this, many are shielding themselves by trying to find ways to stay safe. And the sad truth is that this is true even when we meet new friends. Many of us cannot help but wonder about how safe or dangerous our new friends are. As a result, background checks have become a common practice for many. The Prairie State of Illinois is one of the states that open its vital records to the public as a result of the Freedom of Information Act. So obtaining Illinois Criminal Records Public Access in the state is quite easy.

Performing a background check on somebody in Illinois will require you to coordinate with the Illinois State Police, which is the central repository of all criminal records in the state. The office’s Bureau of Identification manages the Automated Fingerprint Identification System, which is used for identifying the state’s criminal suspects and for performing named-based conviction searches for people who want to obtain criminal records. If you wish to request for a record (or records), you are required to send by mail a completed application form and a $16 fee for every record request. The fingerprint search option, however, is more effective and credible, so it is the first choice of most employers. A fingerprint search is worth $20 per request.

If you prefer to use the free Arrest Records search option, be aware that it is only available for performing a review of your own record. It won’t give you a complete record copy. If this option is all right for you, look for a law enforcement agency in your area that’s commissioned to perform the search.

There’s a catch here, though. Complete Illinois criminal records can only be obtained by the record owner, or authorized entities like government offices, law enforcement agencies, and legally authorized employers. Non-record owners will only get records of arrests that result in conviction.

A more efficient and faster option is available for you through independent online record providers. These record providers manage a comprehensive database that’s available to access 24/7, as long as there is Internet connection. You’ll find tons upon tons of vital records in their database. And no matter which part of the United States you are in, you can find the record that you need in their database.

If you want an option that’s almost as good as you getting free criminal records, these independent online record providers will offer you the best service. Unlike government or state offices, you won’t have to pay for every criminal record that you request. You only pay a one-time fee of a very minimal amount. No need to keep paying everytime you make a request. In fact, in exchange for the one-time fee, you will get unlimited access to their database. This means that you can find all the record you need anytime and anywhere. Quite a practical investment, don’t you think so?

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