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Writers On Writing Vol.1: An Author’s Guide (Writers On Writing: An Author’s Guide)

Learn the craft of writing from those who know it best.

This is Writers On Writing – An Author’s Guide, where your favorite authors share their secrets in the ultimate guide to becoming – and being – an author. 

In this first volume you’ll find in-depth essays from authors such as Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Mercedes M. Yardley, Tim Waggoner, Jasper Bark, Kevin Lucia, Monique Snyman, Todd Keisling, and Dave-Brendon de Burgh. Edited by Joe Mynhardt:

  • “The Infrastructure of the Gods: 11 Signposts for Going all the Way” by Brian Hodge
  • “The Writer’s Purgatory: Between Finishing the First Draft and Submitting the Manuscript” by Monique Snyman
  • “Why Rejection is Still Important” by Kevin Lucia
  • “Real Writers Steal Time” by Mercedes M. Yardley
  • “What Right Do I Have to Write” by Jasper Bark
  • “Go Pace Yourself” by Jack Ketchum
  • “A Little Infusion of Magic” by Dave-Brendon de Burgh
  • “Never Look Away: Confronting Your Fears in Fiction” by Todd Keisling
  • “Once More With Feeling” by Tim Waggoner

Writers On Writing give young authors the guidance they need, but has advice for all authors, from the interested newbie to the seasoned veteran (sounds delicious, right?). 

Are you ready to be called an author?

Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing – Tales from The Darkest Depths

Interview with the Authors:

So what makes Writers on Writing so special?
Todd Keisling: Writers On Writing is unique in that it provides a collection of essays from both newcomers and established professionals, providing a wide range of perspectives on the art and craft of writing.

Tell us more about you essay in Writers on Writing.
Todd Keisling: My essay “Never Look Away: Confront Your Fears in Fiction” is an anecdotal look at an important lesson I learned early on in my writing career: That you shouldn’t look away from your subject matter, no matter how disturbing it is to you. Looking away does a disservice to your story, and by proxy, your reader.

Why should authors read Writers on Writing?
Jack Ketchum: It’s rich in the variety of subjects discussed, written by people who know whereof they speak.

Todd Keisling: There are decades of experience contained within the book’s pages, covering multiple genres. I can’t think of a more diverse collection for the established—or aspiring—writing professional.

Do you have other non-fiction books authors should try out?
Jack Ketchum: Stephen King’s ON WRITING and DANSE MACABRE. William Goldman’s ADVENTURES IN THE SCREEN TRADE. Syd Field’s SCREENPLAY.

Todd Keisling: A few come to mind: Stephen King’s On Writing, Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, and Ariel Gore’s How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead.

Writers on Writing eBook categories:

  • Authorship
  • Publishing and Books
  • Writing Reference
  • Writing Skills

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Make Your Book: The Author’s and Writer’s Workbook Based on Bestsellers

Do You Want Your Book to be a Bestseller?

Whether you are making your first book, or simply making another new book, “Make Your Book – The Author’s & Writer’s Workbook Based on Bestsellers” is your key to creating your ideal book. Indeed, it is true that the content of a book is KING. It is also true that the appearance of a book is Queen. One objective of this book is research into the factors with the greatest impact on the relationship between King and Queen.

Another important feature of the book is the step-by-step approach that describes the design process so that the book will look good simultaneously as a paperback edition and electronic edition.

“Make Your Book” presents an action blueprint that simply and comprehensively presents the steps that writers need to follow when making their book using Createspace templates and Microsoft Word. It is a practical manual based on RESEARCH OF BESTSELLERS to assist the Author/Writer in exploring:

* The options in choosing the right Trim Size and opportunities in choosing suitable Aspect Ratio

* Detection of the most appropriate personal Category/Genre and the Rational of choices of Bestselling Authors

* Utilization of the Bestselling Zone and understanding of Mass Market Paperback

* The Flowchart of Book Reviews and the GAP or Success Threshold of Book Reviews with the Critical Number of 10 ~ 12 Reviews

* The Best Practices for implementing Templates, Themes, Styles and other Word-Processing techniques:

– Sections and Section Breaks

– Collaboration with Colleagues and Editors

– Comments and Track Changes

– Index and Document/Book Indexing

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Blogging for Authors: Writing Blogs on WordPress or Blogger

A blog is essentially an easy to use website where you post your write on a daily basis. It is connecting with others who are interested in what you have to say, and you are developing a relationship with the reader. If they trust you and enjoy your content, they will return for more. It is also wise to have a strategy in place so readers know when to expect to get from you when you write.
Blogging for beginners requires you to pick a theme or niche that you are interested in and passionate about. Why? Well, to expand a popular blog it takes time and you will need to have a long-term strategy to build it. If you could imagine writing about this same subject 1 or 2 year down the road, you should ask yourself. If not, it would be advantageous to decide on another subject that you are enthusiastic about and have a lot to say. Another reason is that your readers will figure out that you are not “into” what you are writing about, and your blogs will be dry with no emotion and feel attached. If you do not believe what you are writing, neither will your readers.
Blogging as a beginner also requires you to consider your audience. Millions of people are on the internet daily, and you do not have to appeal to everyone, so even a small percent of people that have an active interest about your topic can be profitable for you. You should get in the habit of looking out whether you can keep your audience for a lengthy time and for what folks are searching for. What are the trends? What exactly is popular on TV, in magazines, in distinct businesses, and what’re your friends and family talking about? All these factors should be considered.
One mistake beginner bloggers make getting in on the popular topics that have extreme competition. Individuals can become bored by reading about the same thing by different people, so it would be advantageous for you to pick on something that is less competitive. Some of the less popular subjects with minimum competition can turn out to be the best earners. Sometimes it is better for you to be a big fish in a small pond than a little fish in a huge pond, as the saying goes. You may discover means to set a different spin on your website that your competitors are not talking about even if you pick a subject that is too competitive. In this way, you can be onto a sub-market within a bigger market.
An added variable to investigate is what income flows you can incorporate into your blog to make profits. Affiliate programs you can join comprise the big ones, like Commission Junction, Click Bank, and Amazon, but there are thousands of smaller ones also. You can also sell your products if they are relevant to your readers and can offer a benefit for them. Research your options to ensure you are benefiting from your hard work.
Blogging for beginners can be lucrative for you with a well-chosen market that people are interested in and what you are enthusiastic about.

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How to Make $10,000 Writing and Selling Kindle Books: A detailed step-by-step guide for helping writers become Bestselling authors

If you want to earn an income by becoming a serious Bestselling Kindle author, this book is the one you need!

This second edition of the ultimate survival guide How to Make $10,000 Writing and Selling Kindle Books is a complete, detailed step-by-step guide for struggling would-be writers. This second edition contains even more helpful tips and tricks according to Amazon’s latest policies as well as in-depth lessons on grammar, spelling, and marketing.

The methods in this book are used by some of the most successful authors in the world. Inside you’ll find answers to questions such as:

How to clarify an idea you don’t quite have yet

How to structure your novel

How to efficiently get your ideas on paper

How to format for Kindle

How to promote your eBook for free

And dozens more!

This latest edition also provides seventy more pages of references to other noted literary works as examples, scholarly resources for further reading, and information on the latest industry trends.

For accomplished writers refining their skills, as well as those who have never brought their ideas to Kindle, How to Make $10,000 Writing and Selling Kindle Books is an excellent reference book.

Once your ideas are written down and your story is ready to publish, this guide provides excellent marketing and publicity strategies that are taught in creative writing classes at some of the finest institutions in the country. Without the proper marketing skills authors have little chance of being discovered.

If you want to earn an income by becoming a serious Bestselling author, this book is the one you need.

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Writer’s ToolBox: The Advanced Toolkit For Professional Writers, Bloggers & Authors

There are hundreds of tools available today for writing. The 30+ tools listed in this book are handpicked and are the most popular in the writing category. There are tools available for every blogger, writer and authors. Be it book publishing or writing your blog posts, the tools listed in this book will help you. Get writing, now.

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Selling Well: The 5 Relationships That Experts, Authors & Coaches Use To Sell 1,000 Books In 21 Days

I’ve observed that the experts who have these five relationships down are the ones that are actually thriving. One can sell 1,000 books in 21 days without them in place, but only a 5 Relationship-focused expert can build on the momentum of a launch and turn it into an amazing business success.

The relationships start from within and move progressively outward. Incidentally, they are also the very tools that Sarah used to help her have an amazing book launch.

Without further ado, here are The 5 Relationships:

Relationship 1: Your Mindset

Relationship 2: Your Message

Relationship 3: Your Marketing

Relationship 4: Your Members

Relationship 5: Your Money

In the book there are questions to ask yourself as well as an action plan to help you put each relationship into motion in your business.

Relationship 1: Your Mindset

When very successful people were asked by Napoleon Hill near the turn of the century what got them their wealth, in one way or another they referred to their mental ability to create before creating physically in the real world. Building on timeless principles Your Mindset is about creating that working relationship with yourself that fosters growth, ability and confidence. Here we discuss the process of turning your dreams into reality.

Relationship 2: Your Message

Confidence that you have something that will better lives leads successful authors to get to know their audience in a deep meaningful way. The message you share stems from this awareness of your reader and creates something that truly resonates with them. If the sum of the first relationship is “know thyself,” the short of this one is “know your reader.” In relationship 2 we share hot tips for targeting your ideal reader.

Relationship 3: Your Marketing

While many experts have the first two relationships down, this is where some things start to break down. They know they want to get the word out and often they are trying so hard. They blog, they tweet, they tell people. But in the end it feels like an uphill battle. The relationship examined in Your Marketing is the one you have with partners, those who are speaking to your readers, those who already have built trust with the ones you want to speak to. This is a core part of my group success program and it’s a core part of a platform that thrives. Here we uncover the secrets to building a big audience fast.

Relationship 4: Your Members

I’m not sure if it’s baggage from the past that keeps many experts from making regular and clear invites…Fear of rejection or something similar? If so, I can relate. But I can testify how a plan to do invite readers to become members of your group will that also share how to set up a plan that both encourages new subscribers and keeps them fiercely loyal.

Relationship 5: Your Money

Likely if any one of the five relationships is missing, it’s this one. Money’s ability to come to you hinges on your ability to create the organization and systems that money likes. You see, money is just a trust that has in your ability to solve their problems. That trust increases exponentially when you assure your members that they’re safe with you. I divulge some of the basic systems that actually make money, increase average orders and do so without breaking your back.

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