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Writer (Writer, Seeker, Killer Book 1)

Hinanya Ven has but one interest in this life, and that to know what lies beyond it. This great question has enveloped her into a deranged obsession, a death wish. Her search takes her back to her childhood home of New Orleans, where she returns after a six year absence following her family’s permanent retreat from the city in the unanticipated catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina.

In the course of her journey, she, through inexplicable circumstances, appropriates a pistol identical to the make, model, and serial number her friend had used to commit suicide several months prior to her arrival in New Orleans. Balancing her own suicidal thoughts, Hinanya finds meaning in becoming a graffiti artist, a writer, amid the New Orleans nightscape. When she takes the mantel of writer, she is better.

But her actions create ripples. People are on the lookout for this daring girl and the gun she has. On top of that, the owner of a chicken shack captures her on camera and offers a unique and tempting reward of free fried chicken for her identity. Hinanya must contend with the witch hunt and her own mental illness at the same time. That truth is hers to write.

Writer is a psychological thriller revolving around the failure of the War on Drugs and the collateral damage it has caused to the impoverished and the unloved.

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Fourth Victim (Writers Retreat Southern Seashore Mystery Book 4)

During the course of the remodel on one of the cabins at the writers retreat, the contractor finds a box hidden in a wall. Jill opens the box to find love letters written to a woman named Francine more than fifty years ago. Jill decides to track down the woman to return the letters only to find that she was the fourth victim of the Silk Stalking Strangler, a serial killer who killed thirteen women in the mid 1960’s. The strangler was never caught so Jill and the gang decide to dig into the mystery only to find that the fourth victim of the Silk Stalking Strangler may not have been killed by the Strangler after all. The question before the group becomes: if not the strangler then who?

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Second Look (Writers Retreat Southern Seashore Mystery Book 2)

Jack and Jill and the entire gang from the writers retreat agree to take a second look at a five year old murder investigation.

Five years ago award winning actor Rhett Crawford threw a Halloween party for a group of family members and friends. The party, which actually took place over a four day weekend, was held at his beachfront estate on Gull Island. On the third night of the party the groundskeeper, Wylie Slater, found the body of one of the guests, Georgia Darcy, bludgeoned and left in the toolshed beyond the garden. The authorities were notified immediately and interviews of all guests on the property were conducted. It was eventually determined that the victim’s date, a man named Dru Breland, had most likely killed the woman before fleeing the scene of the crime.

According to witness statements, Georgia and her date had been bickering constantly during the course of their stay, and more than one witness had seen Dru slap Georgia before stomping off on the night she died. The authorities conducted an exhaustive search but were unable to locate Mr. Breland. As far as anyone associated with the investigation could find out, he was never seen again. Dru was a wealthy man with a depth of resources. It was assumed by most that he had fled the country and started a new life elsewhere under an assumed name.

Then five days ago, the oceanfront estate, once owned by Rhett Crawford but now owned by an out of state developer, had been scheduled for demolition. During the destruction of the house a human skeleton was found in a hidden room off the wine cellar. After a thorough investigation by the medical examiner and his team, it was determined that the body in the hidden room was in fact the decomposed remains of murder suspect, Dru Breland. My friend Jackson Jones, owner of the fledging Gull Island News, latched onto the story and seems determined to find out who killed Georgia Darcy five years ago, and how her date, Dru Breland, ended up in the secret room.

Jack knew that the five year old mystery would be a complicated one to unravel, so he asked me, Jillian Hanford, if I would be willing to present the mystery to the writers group I currently lived and sleuthed with. I agreed to Jack’s request which brings us to the regular Monday meeting of the eclectic group of writers I call friend but consider family.

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The Rejected Writers’ Book Club (Southlea Bay)

Librarian Janet Johnson is puzzled when she is invited—and practically dragged—to her first meeting of the Rejected Writers’ Book Club. This quirky group of women would much rather celebrate one another’s rejected manuscripts over cups of tea and slices of lemon cake than actually publish a book. But good friends are exactly what Janet needs after moving to the small town of Southlea Bay, Washington. Just as the ladies are about to raise a teacup to their five hundredth rejection letter, they receive bad news that could destroy one member’s reputation—and disband the group forever. To save the club, Janet joins her fellow writers on a wild road trip to San Francisco in search of the local publisher who holds the key to a long-buried secret. As they race to the finish line, they’ll face their fears—landslides, haunted houses, handsome strangers, ungrateful children—and have the time of their lives.

Revised edition: This edition of The Rejected Writers’ Book Club includes editorial revisions.

Product Features

  • Lake Union Pr

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Writing Your Non-Fiction Book: A Mistakes Writers Make guide

Writing a non-fiction book is a major undertaking, and this short ebook is your essential guide to the project. It divides the task into three parts, outlining the key essentials all writers need to know, and the biggest mistakes to avoid. Part 1 takes the reader through the process of coming up with the idea of the book, through to proposing it and selling it to a publisher. Part 2 covers the actual research and writing – as well as understanding the contract. Part 3, meanwhile, shows what you can do to help publicise and market your book. Written by an expert non-fiction tutor and author of several writing guides, this indispensable book will ensure your book stands the best chance of success in the market.

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The Gift of Writing: 10 Ways to Share Your Heart, Nurture Your Relationships and Leave a Legacy (15 Minute Writer Book 2)

Your words have power! You can make a significance difference with your words today – and in future generations. Your quotes, words of wisdom, poems and stories can outlive you and impact generations to come.

In the “Gift of Writing,” you will find ideas, tips, and encouragement to share your heart, nurture your relationships and leave your own legacy.

With easy to follow advice in this book, you will ~

– Learn specific ways to write notes and letters for the most impact.
– Discover fresh ways to unite your family and bring friends closer.
– Gain tips on how to make an ordinary day special.
– Discover fun ideas on how to enhance special occasions and holidays.
– Discover proven strategies to motivate people to achieve great things.
– Save time and money on your gifts yet make them more meaningful
– Learn how to share your stories and leave a treasured legacy.

In this book, you find many ways you can integrate “The Gift of Writing” into your daily life. You will discover the power of your words and the treasure they can be to others.

You will be inspired to build others up as well as build something that will outlast your life to enrich others.

Get motivated. Get inspired. Come and Enjoy the Gift of Writing!

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Writer on a Budget: Insider Tips & Resources to Help You Write, Polish, Publish, and Market Your Book At Minimal Cost

Ever wanted to write a book, get it published, and earn royalties each month from the sales — but you’re not sure where to start?

Have you gotten the impression that self-publishing a book that has a shot at being a best-seller will cost a lot more than you can possibly afford?

And would you really like to avoid going (deeper) into debt?

I wish I’d had a book like this when I was ready to finally get my first book written and self-published. I’m writing it now to help fellow authors (both published and not-yet-published) to save as much money as they can while still accessing the help they need to get their books written, polished, published, and marketed.

Writer on a Budget will help with the following:

  • Getting your book written and developing your own process for your first and future books
  • Designing your book’s cover to attract your target readers
  • Self-editing and proofreading your book or finding a good and affordable editor and/or proofreader — depending on your needs
  • Formatting your book for both Kindle and paperback (CreateSpace)
  • Publishing your book on KDP and CreateSpace
  • Launching and marketing your book — without spending a lot of money on promotions that cost more (in money, time, or both) than they’re worth
  • Finding your own way — and your own writing budget — based on your specific needs and writing goals

No two authors are alike, and there is no one-size- or one-budget-fits-all approach.

You’re not crazy or even borderline delusional if you hear the expert advice about outsourcing everything — and expecting to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your book ready for publication — and you think, “How ‘bout I see how much of this I can do on my own.”

Because you don’t know until you try just how much of it you can do — and do well — on your own.

For example, you might actually enjoy designing your own covers, and — with some research and some easily-accessible (and short) design tutorials — you might find you have a knack for it.

Or maybe editing is something you already do for others, and you’re hoping to save yourself hundreds of dollars by doing your own. Don’t let anyone tell you “Editing your own work is always a mistake,” because it isn’t. Not always.

It’s good to get an extra pair of eyes looking at your book, but depending on what you need — and what your book needs — you may not have to pay someone a thousand dollars or more to get your book edited and proofread.

We don’t have to go broke to make great books. So, let’s get started making more of them!

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Productivity for Writers: How to get more done, write more words and create more time to write (Write it! Publish it! Sell it! Book 8)

Do you often wonder how some writers produce four, eight or even ten books every year whilst it takes you at least a year to complete that first draft? Do you believe that if only you had more time maybe you too could be this prolific? Whatever your circumstances you can improve your productivity, write more words in the time you have available and, ultimately, get your book finished.

This books contains tips and techniques to enable you to:
– Write faster and increase your word count
– Avoid distractions and overcome procrastination
– Turn your book into a project with manageable tasks and targets
– Set a deadline, and hit it
– Use your diary to effectively manage your time
– Take control of your “to do” list
– Overcome imposter syndrome
– Avoid technology overload
– Manage writer’s block
– Stay focused, energised and motivated
– Make effective use of writer’s tools
– Create more time to write
– And finally – finish that book.

Follow the techniques in this book and you will be able to write, edit and publish your book to a deadline that you’ve already determined is achievable. Continue to make changes that improve your productivity and you too will become a productive, prolific and successful writer.

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Crank It Out!: The Surefire Way to Become a Super-Productive Writer (The Writer’s Toolbox Series Book 7)

Want to become a successful author? If so, you’re going to have to crank out books. And not mediocre books but high-quality ones.

Why? Because that’s what readers expect and want.

Regardless of whether you write fiction or nonfiction, if you want to get established as an author, you need to be productive. Highly productive.

You can’t just write one terrific book and call it good, expecting that singular work to carry you atop the wave of success for years to come.

Studies show readers want 3-4 books a year from their favorite authors. And to build traction and a growing audience, authors need to deliver.

But how many writers have the time to write that many books?

In today’s busy world, amid distractions and demands, it’s hard to carve out time to write even one book a year.

But plenty of super-busy people find time to crank out numerous high-quality books. And in this in-depth look on the topic, you’ll learn the strategies that help them—and will help you—be super productive.

If you want to grow your readership, you need to write the best books you can—and that means strategizing to optimize every factor that impacts your writing.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in Crank it Out!:

  • How to dig deep into the Productivity ABCs—attitude, biology, and choices—and analyze yourself to prepare to make the needed adjustments to be super productive
  • How to spot destructive attitudes and rewire them to allow you to break through to success
  • How to determine your biological prime time and identify your peak hours to write in order to get the most out of your writing time
  • How to hack around your excuses, bad habits, and distractions that are blocking your way
  • How to alter your sleeping, eating, and other behaviors to ensure peak performance
  • How to thwart self-sabotage and perfectionism, which prevent you from becoming the super-productive writer you long to be

Plenty of people who work full-time, have heavy family responsibilities, or deal daily with chronic health issues or physical challenges find ways to crank out books. They do so because writing is important to them.

How badly do you want it?

Now’s the time to stop making excuses and start becoming proactive. Instead of complaining you have no time to write, take the challenge this book presents.

There’s a surefire way to becoming a super-productive writer, and it’s as simple as ABC.

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The Weekend Writer: How to Write a Quality Non-Fiction Book in Two Months even if You Have a Full-Time Job (Work from Home Series 6)

Do you fear you’ll never write a book because you don’t have the time?

Let me guess—you’re a writer, but so far, the book you know will be a big hit is stuck inside your head because you simply don’t have the time to sit down and write it. You’ve probably been told that it takes years to write a quality book, but I’m here to tell you that’s just not true.

It’s possible to write a quality book in two months—writing only on the weekends—using my REALISTIC step-by-step plan.

I’m not talking about putting out some of the junk that passes for eBooks these days. Too many would-be authors have bought into the idea that they can publish just any hastily written book and make a killing. But that’s simply not true.

My easy-to-implement plan will show you how to write a book you’ll be proud to put your name on. And because you will publish a quality book, you’ll have a platform to build on as readers follow you and purchase future books. Writing books can enable you to earn passive income, promote your business, or you can start a second career as an author.

Here’s what you’ll find in this revolutionary book:

  • How to get in the right mindset to write on a limited schedule
  • How to choose a book topic that sells
  • How to outline your book in a way that makes writing it easier
  • How to set up a no-fail writing schedule so you can meet your deadline
  • How to use productivity hacks that will help you stay on track and accomplish your goal
  • How to edit quickly and efficiently
  • A weekend-by-weekend blueprint that shows you the exact steps you need to take to have a finished book in just two months—only writing on the weekends.

Are you ready to begin writing your book?

Download this book and begin NOW!

Scroll up and hit the buy button.

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Pimp That Book!: Everything about Your Book, Including: Finding Editors and Beta Readers, Testing Covers and Descriptions, Formatting and Typesetting, and Much More! (Self-Publish Strong Book 1)

Are you an author who is struggling with finding volunteers and professionals to help polish your book? Do you wish there was a guide that offered plenty of suggestions for finding these people?

The Self-Publish Strong series, written by successful indie author Andrea Pearson, gives you advice and guidance on building your brand, publishing, and marketing your own books.

In Pimp That Book: Self-Publish Strong Book One you will discover how to:

1. Find and train beta readers
2. Hire editors
3. Test covers and descriptions
4. Format ebooks and know where to publish them
5. Typeset print books and where to publish them
6. Choose a price for print and ebooks

And much more, all in a succinct, down-to-business manner.

Take the guesswork and research out of the self-publishing process. Get Pimp That Book: Self-Publish Strong Book One now and start building your author career the right way.

About the series:

The Self-Publish Strong series was written to help you prepare for, and enjoy, success. Each book in the series focuses on several things that will assist you with creating a solid foundation for many years of profit.

In this series, Andrea shares things that enable you to develop an eye for a long-term successful writing career, thereby preventing you from falling into the temptation of grasping for temporary success now.

If you’ve finished your manuscript and are ready to work with beta readers, hire an editor, and publish, this book is for you.

If you’ve published multiple books and are ready to get more reviews on them, attract subscribers to your list, and get discovered by readers, this series is for you.

Pimp That Platform: Self-Publish Strong Book Two will help you:
1. Set up social media
2. Set up a website
3. Create a newsletter list
4. Learn what makes a good (or bad) landing page
5. Get reviews on your book

Pimp That Promotion: Self-Publish Strong Book Three will help you:
1. Set up permafree books
2. Figure out a system for writing faster
3. Run small promotional campaigns
4. Understand tips and tricks for Facebook ads
5. Get a basic understanding for other promotional websites
6. How to know when you’re ready for large promotional campaigns (and how to run them)

In Pimp That List: Self-Publish Strong Book Four you will discover:

1. Where (and how) to find quality subscribers
2. An automatic drip campaign that will sell your books for years
3. How to structure your newsletters and how often to send them
4. How to create good subject lines and great content
5. The best readers to target for a healthy list
6. A fool-proof system for getting reviews
7. How to build a strong street team

Andrea Pearson has been self-publishing since early 2011. She has published nearly two million words, including multiple novels, novellas, and short stories, several non-fiction books, and over a hundred articles for professional blogs and websites. She was executive director for the Indie Author Hub group for a year and a half and she is frequently invited to teach about successful self-publishing at conferences and conventions.

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How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book and Become a Productive Writer: Actionable Tips for Shattering Writer’s Block

Have you been toying with the idea of writing your own nonfiction book but don’t know how to get started?

Have you ever been gripped by writer’s block and felt at a loss for words when you tried to write?

Do you want to generate endless streams of passive income for yourself so that you can make money while you sleep and not have to depend on a job, a location, or a person for your livelihood?

If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect book for you.

This is not a book trying to sell you self-publishing courses. You will learn useful methods to find your muse and boost productivity.

In this book, I will share with you my own experience and lessons learned to help you write and publish your first nonfiction book quicker.

I will walk you through the key steps of writing and publishing a book from start to finish. More importantly, I will explain my creative processes, which will give you some useful pointers on how to go about your own book project.

I will also recommend inexpensive and free resources to help you expand your education as a writer. You don’t have to pay through the nose to get the training and tools you need to become a good writer.

I will also show you how to do research for your book and draw inspiration from multiple sources. In this book, you will find useful tips to shatter writer’s block and become a more productive writer. Equipped with the right tools and resources, you will no longer dread the process of writing.

Once you publish your book, you will have an information product for life. As you keep adding to your book portfolio, you will continue to enjoy endless streams of passive income. You will be making money while you sleep, perhaps even while sunbathing on a Caribbean beach. It’s definitely a lifestyle worth fighting for.

Grab a copy now and start writing your own book!

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Make Your Book: The Author’s and Writer’s Workbook Based on Bestsellers

Do You Want Your Book to be a Bestseller?

Whether you are making your first book, or simply making another new book, “Make Your Book – The Author’s & Writer’s Workbook Based on Bestsellers” is your key to creating your ideal book. Indeed, it is true that the content of a book is KING. It is also true that the appearance of a book is Queen. One objective of this book is research into the factors with the greatest impact on the relationship between King and Queen.

Another important feature of the book is the step-by-step approach that describes the design process so that the book will look good simultaneously as a paperback edition and electronic edition.

“Make Your Book” presents an action blueprint that simply and comprehensively presents the steps that writers need to follow when making their book using Createspace templates and Microsoft Word. It is a practical manual based on RESEARCH OF BESTSELLERS to assist the Author/Writer in exploring:

* The options in choosing the right Trim Size and opportunities in choosing suitable Aspect Ratio

* Detection of the most appropriate personal Category/Genre and the Rational of choices of Bestselling Authors

* Utilization of the Bestselling Zone and understanding of Mass Market Paperback

* The Flowchart of Book Reviews and the GAP or Success Threshold of Book Reviews with the Critical Number of 10 ~ 12 Reviews

* The Best Practices for implementing Templates, Themes, Styles and other Word-Processing techniques:

– Sections and Section Breaks

– Collaboration with Colleagues and Editors

– Comments and Track Changes

– Index and Document/Book Indexing

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Creative Writing: A Guide For Beginner Writers. An Introductory How To Guide For Developing Creative Thinking And Writing Skills (Creative Writing Exercises, … Developing Creative Confidence, Book 1)

Everyone Has An Amazing Story That Is Waiting To Be Heard

This book is an introduction to developing creative writing skills.You may be thinking that creative writing is not something that you can do. This is absolutely not the case like everything in life, creative writing is a skill.If you love to create and have the desire, determination, and commitment to consistently practice what you read in this book, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

This book is designed for creative writing beginners, meaning that anyone, anywhere, with any level of experience and knowledge (even if you know nothing). Whether you write poetry, short stories, novels or any other nonfiction genre, your ability to creatively write will make the difference in whether or not your work is a good read and stands out from the competition.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

  • How To Develop Creative Thought And Why It Is The Key To Creative Thinking
  • How To Unlock Creative Success By Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Creative Writing Tips And Strategies
  • Creative Writing Exercises

Investing in your creative writing skills will prove to be a worthwhile endeavor and this book is a good first step towards this goal. Get Started By Downloading Your Copy Today!

Tags: Creative Writing, Creative Writing Exercises, Beginner Writers

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Your Fiction Writing Toolkit: Resources & Insights for Fiction Writers (Your Toolkit Series Book 2)

Your Fiction Writing Toolkit is an essential resource for new fiction writers. It contains Linda Hargrove’s wisdom from her decade of experience in both traditional and indie publishing.

Learn ways to avoid the newbie mistakes, save money, and work smarter. Achieve quicker success as a fiction writer. Your Fiction Writing Toolkit is written with the untrained writer in mind. It is designed to help you move beyond merely thinking about writing.

What a better way risk-free to learn the ropes from a published author? Download a free copy of Your Fiction Writing Toolkit today.

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The Writer’s Muse Owl on a Typewriter print over an upcycled vintage dictionary page book art

This is an upcycled print printed on an old dictionary page. We take old books about to be destroyed and upcycle them in order to give them new life. The aging, slightly-yellowed page is carefully removed, and the image is printed directly on the recycled paper. The result is a unique and absolutely beautiful print suitable for framing. These prints are definite conversation-starters and look just gorgeous while hanging on the wall.

The pages are approximately 8.5 x 11 in size, with a very slight variation. No two are exactly the same, but all will fit nicely in an 8.5 x 11 frame. You will not get the exact dictionary page shown in the image, but you will get a print from the same book. Every piece is original.

***Frame is not included****. You will receive just the print.

These vintage book prints make awesome, unique gifts and are environmentally responsible. All prints are shipped flat in rigid, stay-flat mailers and are protected in plastic sleeves.

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Perfect Book Covers: Professional advice for indie writers to design your own book cover. A cover that will tell your book’s story and values at a glance.

Seven tips to design your book cover as a professional

I invite you to follow a little exercise. Think about your book. Try to understand the general idea and the emotions it conveys.
Only in four words. Okay; six words… No more than a sentence, please.
Got it?
Congratulations! You just created the basis for designing your perfect cover.
This book has a very simple goal. I’ll try, through simple tips, to give you the support you need so your book cover can reach several readers; even if you decide to design it by yourself or hire a professional.
My intention is to help authors who self-publish their works to improve the presentation quality of their books.
Information is power and this book gives you all the information you need to make your covers look professional so they sell more.

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Author Moonshot Powerful Promotion Strategies: 3 Book Set to help new writers market their books (Author Mooonshot 27)

Incredible three book set jam packed with tips, techniques and strategies to help new authors launch their career working from home.

Whether you are a writer who has harbored a dream of writing the great american novel, or a small business owner looking for a way to increase content to reach new potential clients this guide is for you.

There has never been a better time in history nor a better platform to reach thousands of people with your message, either through fiction or non-fiction.

This book is a collection of three powerful and proven marketing strategies I used to find over 3,000 new readers for my books in the last six months, and it’s a great way to learn how to automate your book marketing or business marketing strategies, set them on autopilot and focus on what you do best.

If you are a new author and want some additional strategies join me on Facebook and lets have a live conversation where I go over the strategies and new things I learn during in depth workshops. You can also find other authors to help you grow your readership and expand your business in writing.

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The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon: Using Speech Recognition Software to Dictate Your Book and Supercharge Your Writing Workflow (Dictation Mastery for PC and Mac)

Want to dictate up to 5000 WORDS an hour? Want to do it with 99% ACCURACY from the day you start?

NEW EDITION: UPDATED to cover the latest Dragon Professional Individual v15 for PC & v6 for Mac
FREE video training included!

As writers, we all know what an incredible tool dictation software can be. It enables us to write faster and avoid the dangers of RSI and a sedentary lifestyle. But many of us give up on dictating when we find we can’t get the accuracy we need to be truly productive.

This book changes all of that. With almost two decades of using Dragon software under his belt and a wealth of insider knowledge from within the dictation industry, Scott Baker will reveal how to supercharge your writing and achieve sky-high recognition accuracy from the moment you start using the software. You will learn:

– Hidden tricks to use when installing Dragon on a Windows PC or Mac;
– How to choose the right microphone and set it up perfectly for speech recognition;
– The little-known techniques that will ensure around 99% accuracy from your first install – and how to make this even better over time;
– Setting up fail-safe dictation profiles with multiple microphones and voice recorders, without impacting your accuracy;
– How to train the software to adapt to you and avoid your accuracy declining;
– Strategies for achieving your entire daily word count in just one or two hours;
– Many more tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else.

At the end of the book, you’ll also find an exclusive list of resources and links to FREE video training to take your knowledge even further.

It’s time to write at the speed of speech – and transform your writing workflow forever!

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100 questions to ask yourself before writing a novel: or writing a book plan and giving your novel direction (100 Questions for writers 2)

Don’t be fooled… this book is meant to be printed out, scribbled upon and cursed at.
With these 100 questions ( you can fill them in on a printed out version or you can write the questions down) I want to help you as a writer or author to get to know your characters and story. By using different sets to questions I will let you sketch an as complete as possible image of your character. By answering these questions you will be able to write deeper and more engaging characters, stories and plots, it will help you avoid writer’s block and even give you more or better ideas for your story.

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Women’s Please Do Not Annoy The Writer She May Put You In A Book And Large Navy

Please Do Not Annoy The Writer She May Put You In A Book And Kill You T Shirt.Guaranteed to turn heads, this shirt makes a great gift or to wear for yourself. Designed and printed in the USA. So no matter the size, you get one great shirt for one great price. Guaranteed Top quality.ADD TO CARD NOW. Dont forget share it with your friends!

Product Features

  • Please Do Not Annoy The Writer She May Put You In A Book And Kill You T Shirt
  • Please Do Not Annoy The Writer She May Put You In A Book And Kill You Shirt
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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Writers Necklace 24″ Keep Talking I Am Taking Notes For My Book Gifts for Writer Funny Hipster Style Jewelry Author Gift Round 1.20″ Bronze Glass Pendant Pen Nib Charm Custom Chain

If you are a writer you may find yourself listening in on someone’s conversation or taking notes in your head as someone is speaking to you. This glass pendant necklace with a beautifully detailed zinc alloy bronze-colored pen nib charm and a small simulated pearl bead, is a distinctive piece of author swag jewelry designed by Gutsy Goodness.

The image has an background of antique cream with the quote, covered with a glass bezel which magnifies the image, giving it a clear and crisp appearance. The glass pendant necklace is 1.20″ (30mm), larger than many pendant necklaces you find that are just 25mm. The metal pieces are zinc alloy with an antique bronze finish. The image is crisp and clear; the magnified view in photos does not fully represent the quality of the item.

On this listing you can choose one of the following:
– 24″ OR 36″ link chain
– 24″ OR 36″ vintage rose chain (see image #7)
– key chain

The glass bezel is water resistant, but not water-proof. Remove it before showering or going for a swim. This elegant vintage-style pendant necklace compliments any outfit of varying shades, making it ideal for to wear with anything from your favorite t-shirt to classy career clothes.

All our items are individually packaged with care and the intention to touch the heart of the recipient. It comes in an organza bag, tucked into a box with a special quotation card. The Kraft box has Gutsy Goodness seal, washi tape, and silver elastic band as shown in the last image.

“One of the best parts of being a writer is being able to observe those around you and call it ‘research.’ Whether you write fiction or nonfiction is irrelevant. Without consciously thinking about it we file away things we notice for a future book, especially from those around us. Occasionally, we may remind them that they are providing excellent material.”

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I Am A Writer: A Story About Finding Your Inner Author (The Mentor Code series – How To Be A Writer Book 1)

Have you ever wanted to be a writer?

Sherri always wanted to be a writer. The problem is, every one she knows tells her it can’t be done. Instead she slogs to work every day, ignoring her dream. One day, at her favorite coffee shop, she meets Daniel. He’ll soon teach her how to become the author she’s always dreamed of being.

This parable is fictional, but seven out of nine chapters include practical exercises for readers. If you’re looking to become a writer or just struggling to find a better way, this short novel is for you.

If you’re ready, here’s the first step. Start by reading the following statement: “My Name is (state your name), and I am a Writer.”

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Coming Soon:
I Have It All
I Love Networking

See what readers are saying:

“I couldn’t stop reading.” – Lynn

“The writer conveys the confidence and belief that each new writer needs, along with the tips and blueprint for start up, organizing and getting a support team in place.” – Anita N.

“This was not at all what I expected – it was even better!” – Felicia

“If you are thinking about becoming a writer – stop what you are doing (or not doing) and read this book.” – Justin K.

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The Miracle Morning for Writers: How to Build a Writing Ritual That Increases Your Impact and Your Income (Before 8AM) (The Miracle Morning Book Series)

Need to find more time to write–without sacrificing the important things? Looking to consistently discover great book ideas? Wish you could generate a steady income from your words…or increase what you already make?

The solution to these questions is to change what you do first thing in the morning. And that’s why you should read The Miracle Morning for Writers: How to Build a Writing Ritual That Increases Your Impact and Income (Before 8AM).

The Miracle Morning for Writers combines Hal Elrod’s global phenomenon with Steve Scott’s proven writing habit techniques (which helped him get on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list). You learn how to take charge of your morning and maximize “the rest of the day” for your writing efforts.

Here’s what you’ll discover in The Miracle Morning for Writers:

  • How a morning routine can change every area of your life (Including your health, happiness, finances and relationships).
  • The proven strategy for “finding the time” to write–even if you have a full-time job.
  • Our method for selling lots of books (and the 8-step process to build it).
  • Steve’s favorite app for tracking your great ideas and researching your next book.
  • Hal’s process for overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success.
  • “Flow state” and how it can forever eradicate writer’s block.

You will also learn:

  • 4 business models perfect for writers, how to get started, and which one we recommend.
  • The 10-step process for publishing a book that readers love.
  • 6 tools for improving your writing skills.
  • 2 techniques for doubling (even tripling) your daily word count total.
  • How to find the “80/20″ of your book-based business.

The Miracle Morning for Writers is your key to building a writing habit that will increase both your income and the value you provide to the world.

So take the next step in your writing journey by clicking the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page!

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