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Second Chances: A Romance Writers of America Collection

Do you believe in second chances?

Romance Writers of America® brings together seventeen of today’s hottest authors in an anthology of never-before-published tales that reveal true love always deserves a happy ending.

Follow New York Times best-selling authors J. Kenner and Christina Lauren back to reader-favorite worlds.

New York Times bestseller Alyssa Day sprinkles djinn magic in her humorous paranormal romance, while Rachel Hauck brings the enchantment of the holidays in her New Year’s Eve contemporary love story.

And Liliana Hart delivers thrills and adventure in her hero and heroine’s search for the impossible.

With characters who find love through tough situations, in elegant 1800s ballrooms, with an old friend who shows up when least expected, at a tender age when cliques and homework get in the way of relationships, or after a random encounter in an unlikely setting, Second Chances delivers romance to strike every reader’s fancy.

Plus tales from:
Marilyn Brant
Kerri Carpenter
CiCi Coughlin
Cassandra Dean
Tina Ferraro
Renee Luke
Ariella Moon
Brandi Willis Schreiber
Lizzie Shane
Sharon Sobel
Damon Suede
Tara Wyatt

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Jules Verne: The Extraordinary Voyages Collection (The Greatest Writers of All Time)

This ebook comprises the 54 volumes of the Extraordinary Voyages cycle by Jules Verne. (Important note: due to copyright restrictions, novels marked with a (*) are offered in their original French)

For a better reading experience, we have created active tables of contents at the beginning of each volume as well as a master table of contents. Clicking on a volume or a chapter title will take you to the parent table of contents.


1.Five weeks in a balloon, or, journeys and discoveries in Africa by three Englishmen
2.The adventures of Captain Hatteras
3.A journey into the center of the Earth
4.From the Earth to the Moon
5.In search of the castaways
6.20,000 leagues under the sea
7.Around the Moon
8.A floating city
9.The adventures of three Englishmen and three Russians in South Africa
10.The fur country
11.Around the world in eighty days
12.The mysterious island
13.The survivors of the Chancellor
14.Michael Strogoff, or the courier of the Czar
15.Off on a comet
16.The underground city, or the child of the cavern
17.Dick Sand, a captain at fifteen
18.The Begum’s Millions
19.Tribulations of a Chinaman in China
20.The steam house
21.Eight hundred leagues on the Amazon
22.Godfrey Morgan
23.The green ray
24.Kéraban the inflexible
25.The vanished diamond
26.The archipelago on fire
27.Mathias Sandorf
28.The lottery ticket
29.Robur the conqueror
30.Texar’s Revenge, or, North Against South
31.The flight to France
32.Two years’ vacation
33.Family without a name
34.The purchase of the North Pole, or Topsy-Turvy
35.César Cascabel
36.Mistress Branican
37.Carpathian Castle
38.Claudius Bombarnac
39.Foundling Mick
40.Captain Antifer
41.Propeller island
42.Facing the flag
43.Clovis Dardentor
44.An Antarctic mystery
45.The Mighty Orinoco*
46.The will of an eccentric
47.The castaways of the flag*
48.The village in the treetops*
49.The sea serpent*
50.The Kip brothers*
51.Traveling Scholarships*
52.A drama in Livonia*
53.Master of the world
54.Invasion of the sea*

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The Writer’s Collection: Volume One

2017 release. Matt Mason has always known that music would be a big part of his life. In fact, one of Mason’s earliest memories is the time his family took him to see The Grand Ole Opry at The Ryman Auditorium. Matt recalls telling his father that night he would perform on that very same stage one day. Little did they know that several years later Matt would indeed take the stage at “The Mother Church”, as the Winner of CMT’s Next Superstar. Born in Indianapolis, IN, Matt Mason never turned down an opportunity to perform. At a young age he found himself jumping on stage any chance he got. Having the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Charlie Daniels and Vern Gosdin, he knew Music City was his destination. Mason is excited for the future and looking forward to see what the future holds.

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EVERNOTE: Evernote Essentials, The Best of Evernote in Simple Steps (Evernote Collection) (Evernote evernote for dummies evernote essentials evernote notebook … Evernote business Evernote for beginners)


Learn how to use evernote to your advantage in easy steps, donwload your copy or read it FREE with kindle unlimited

Here´s What You´ll Learn in This Evernote Ebook

  • What Evernote Really Is
  • The Basics of Evernote You Have to Know
  • Video on Evernote
  • Audio on Evernote
  • Hand Writing on Evernote
  • Additional Features on Evernote
  • Evernote and Social Media
  • Business Cards and Recipes on Evernote
  • How Evernote Will Change Your Life
  • Evernote for Work and Home
  • Evernote Essentials
  • What You Wish You Knew About Evernote
  • How Evernote Works
  • What I Can Dow With Evernote
  • Choosing the Right Evernote Package
  • Evernote Search Feature Tips
  • Evernote in Everyday Life
  • Evernote in Business
  • Useful Evernote Advice
  • Evernote Top Tips
  • How to Make the Most of Evernote
  • And
  • Much, much more!

Evernote is a powerful program but a lot of people are underutilizing its potential. In hopes to fix this issue we have written this amazing book that will walk you through the usage of Evernote. When going through this book we will give you a quick introduction to what Evernote does and how you can use it. From there we will go into more advanced features and examples on how to use them.

Keeping track of ideas, notes, grocery lists, interesting web sites or whatever can be a never ending rask. You can try using a word processor or even a spreadsheet. Sure these programs will do the trick when you first start off but when you start to expand and start gathering tons of information the task can be overwhelming.

Evernote is a free application that handles all of your notes and information in a single location with unlimited storage and incredible search features. In this book we will explore the basics of Evernote and what it does and what you can do with it

You can´t afford to let this book pass, it is a must to read to increase your productivity and time management

take action and download The Best of Evernote!

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