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The Prosperous Writer’s Guide to Finding Readers: Build Your Author Brand, Raise Your Profile, and Find Readers to Delight

Do you know the OTHER ways to find readers?

What is your plan?

Have you ever thought about ROTI (Return on Time Investment)?

This book will give you the foundation to build a following. It will help you get fans, tell you how to nurture those fans until they grow into super fans, and take away the horrible fog of uncertainty that makes marketing such a challenge for authors.

—Help Define Your Plan
—New Ninja Strategies to Find Readers
—Read about the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Avoiding mistakes is as important as finding success.
—Build your plan with the tools you’ve learned throughout the book.

Marketing is about mindset.

Once you read about the unusual ways these authors go about hooking readers, you’ll have a starting toolkit to really jumpstart your book business.

Both Honoree and Brian are full-time authors who love this business. They will show you how they found their fan bases and soon you’ll have fans, too!

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Pimp That Book!: Everything about Your Book, Including: Finding Editors and Beta Readers, Testing Covers and Descriptions, Formatting and Typesetting, and Much More! (Self-Publish Strong Book 1)

Are you an author who is struggling with finding volunteers and professionals to help polish your book? Do you wish there was a guide that offered plenty of suggestions for finding these people?

The Self-Publish Strong series, written by successful indie author Andrea Pearson, gives you advice and guidance on building your brand, publishing, and marketing your own books.

In Pimp That Book: Self-Publish Strong Book One you will discover how to:

1. Find and train beta readers
2. Hire editors
3. Test covers and descriptions
4. Format ebooks and know where to publish them
5. Typeset print books and where to publish them
6. Choose a price for print and ebooks

And much more, all in a succinct, down-to-business manner.

Take the guesswork and research out of the self-publishing process. Get Pimp That Book: Self-Publish Strong Book One now and start building your author career the right way.

About the series:

The Self-Publish Strong series was written to help you prepare for, and enjoy, success. Each book in the series focuses on several things that will assist you with creating a solid foundation for many years of profit.

In this series, Andrea shares things that enable you to develop an eye for a long-term successful writing career, thereby preventing you from falling into the temptation of grasping for temporary success now.

If you’ve finished your manuscript and are ready to work with beta readers, hire an editor, and publish, this book is for you.

If you’ve published multiple books and are ready to get more reviews on them, attract subscribers to your list, and get discovered by readers, this series is for you.

Pimp That Platform: Self-Publish Strong Book Two will help you:
1. Set up social media
2. Set up a website
3. Create a newsletter list
4. Learn what makes a good (or bad) landing page
5. Get reviews on your book

Pimp That Promotion: Self-Publish Strong Book Three will help you:
1. Set up permafree books
2. Figure out a system for writing faster
3. Run small promotional campaigns
4. Understand tips and tricks for Facebook ads
5. Get a basic understanding for other promotional websites
6. How to know when you’re ready for large promotional campaigns (and how to run them)

In Pimp That List: Self-Publish Strong Book Four you will discover:

1. Where (and how) to find quality subscribers
2. An automatic drip campaign that will sell your books for years
3. How to structure your newsletters and how often to send them
4. How to create good subject lines and great content
5. The best readers to target for a healthy list
6. A fool-proof system for getting reviews
7. How to build a strong street team

Andrea Pearson has been self-publishing since early 2011. She has published nearly two million words, including multiple novels, novellas, and short stories, several non-fiction books, and over a hundred articles for professional blogs and websites. She was executive director for the Indie Author Hub group for a year and a half and she is frequently invited to teach about successful self-publishing at conferences and conventions.

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I Am A Writer: A Story About Finding Your Inner Author (The Mentor Code series – How To Be A Writer Book 1)

Have you ever wanted to be a writer?

Sherri always wanted to be a writer. The problem is, every one she knows tells her it can’t be done. Instead she slogs to work every day, ignoring her dream. One day, at her favorite coffee shop, she meets Daniel. He’ll soon teach her how to become the author she’s always dreamed of being.

This parable is fictional, but seven out of nine chapters include practical exercises for readers. If you’re looking to become a writer or just struggling to find a better way, this short novel is for you.

If you’re ready, here’s the first step. Start by reading the following statement: “My Name is (state your name), and I am a Writer.”

More in “The Mentor Code” series:
I Am An Indie Author –>> amzn.com/B00FNR8V4C
I Am Free –>> amzn.com/B00H4EXBII
I Am a Free Agent –>> amzn.com/B00HLNXN0S

Coming Soon:
I Have It All
I Love Networking

See what readers are saying:

“I couldn’t stop reading.” – Lynn

“The writer conveys the confidence and belief that each new writer needs, along with the tips and blueprint for start up, organizing and getting a support team in place.” – Anita N.

“This was not at all what I expected – it was even better!” – Felicia

“If you are thinking about becoming a writer – stop what you are doing (or not doing) and read this book.” – Justin K.

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