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The Writer: “A Competent Fool” : Season Three Episode 9

What fool speaks wisdom when he knows not a thing? What wise man acts foolish when he realizes he knows not a thing? There be no answer to either but a competent fool can give two.
As his battle with his new opponent intensifies, Alek discovers the extent to which Spectre has infiltrated his life. From such suspicion grows an ease not even he sees coming.
Michael makes a dangerous confession to someone he trusts. As if his soul-baring weren’t enough to deal with, he starts to develop a sinister vision of Garrett.
Big D acts on his theory about Alek’s involvement with a doctor, beginning his search in the same hospital where a most unlikely event occurred. Will Alek use the new-found evidence to discover the identity of his new nemesis. Will Garrett make a meaningful impact on the addicts lives in Cleveland? And can Big D finally find credible evidence to bring Alek down? Read episode 9 of The Writer to find out.

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