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Bluetooth MSR-X6(BT) MSRX6BT Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer Encoder Mini Portable Smallest MSR206 MSR605 MSR606

Specification: Model: MSR-X6(BT) Compliant Systems: Windows 98/2000/me/xp/vista/7/8 (32&64), Mac OS, iSO and Android. Free Software For Windows, Mac OS. Paid APPs for iOS(iPhone&iPad), and Android. Go to download “EasyMSR” from “Google Play” or “App Store”. Functions: Read, Write, Copy, Erase Standards: ISO, CA DMV, AAMVA, RAW, USER TYPE Tracks: Track 1, 2 & 3 Hi-Co&Lo-Co: All compatible (300~4000 oe) Interface: standard USB and Bluetooth. Works with computers and mobile/Tablet. Power supply: by USB or built-in rechargeable battery. Operating instructions: LED Swipe: Manual, single direction Size: 5.5*1.6*1.6 inch (140*42*42 mm)

Product Features

  • The world’s only bluetooth magnetic card reader writer.
  • Smallest and Portable.
  • Work with Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  • Free Software for Windows and Mac OS. Paid APPs for Android and iSO(iPhone, iPad), about $20 for the EasyMSR app.
  • Full-Version: 3-Tracks, Hi-Co and Lo-Co, Read/Write/Erase

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