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The Writer: “By the Sword and the Needle”: Season Three Episode 11

With Vernon’s continued whispers of the efficacy of the drugs, Alek finally stops to test his best friend’s claim. But even without the influence of narcotics, he finds himself slowly slipping into a debilitated mental state while Spectre continues to taunt and torture him with the murders of his people, this time promising a slaughter.

As Alek deals with the Spectre thing, Michael comes to a crossroads in his life. Not only is class ending, but he has seen an increase in tension between Jenna and Garrett, and starts to suspect the latter’s change is due to more than the stress of running a mayoral campaign.

Will Alek find the strength and mental health enough to face Spectre and defeat this new nemesis? Will Michael discover Garrett’s secret? And what of Michael’s confession to the doctor? How will the doctor deal with knowing of Michael’s association with Alek? Read episode 11 of The Writer now to find out!

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