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The Body Thesaurus: A Fiction Writer’s Sourcebook of Words and Phrases to Describe Characters

The Ultimate Thesaurus That Helps Fiction Writers Describe Characters With Ease!

If you’re like most writers, you get sick and tired of endlessly searching thesauri looking for that perfect word to describe your character’s physical appearance or the way they move their body. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a book that gives you all these words without the hassle? If you answered ‘yes’, then this book is for you!

Dahlia Evans has compiled a thesaurus specifically aimed at describing a character’s physical appearance and movement. This unique sourcebook is filled to the brim with words and phrases gathered from thousands of published novels. Now, you will have no problem conjuring up words and phrases like a magician, bringing your prose to life.

Inside You’ll Discover:

# An exhaustive list of over 30,000 words and phrases describing each part of the body.

# 40 chapters, with each one including a list of adjectives, verbs, and noun phrases for that particular body part.

# Numerous example sentences showing many of these words in use.

# And best of all, words and phrases are sorted alphabetically, as well as by part of speech.

‘The Body Thesaurus’ is the ultimate fiction writer’s companion; a resource that you’ll want to keep close by for all your future writing projects.

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