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The Tomato Technique for Writers: Increase your Productivity in 25 Minutes a Day

Do you ever wish you could follow through on your goal of developing a daily writing practice? Want to find a way to carve out a schedule for your writing and stick to it? Want to write faster and produce more?

The Pomodoro Technique is a proven, simple and effective way to increase your productivity and reach your writing goals. By focusing on a single task for short, 25-minute blocks of time, you can limit distractions, multitasking and complete your goals faster. By scheduling your day in advance using this method, you can limit decision fatigue and follow through, building good productive habits.

This short, 4,500-word book walks you through the Pomodoro technique and shows how you can increase your productivity in 25-minute blocks of time. I’ve used the system to develop a daily writing practice, and if I can do it, so can you.

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Productivity for Writers: How to get more done, write more words and create more time to write (Write it! Publish it! Sell it! Book 8)

Do you often wonder how some writers produce four, eight or even ten books every year whilst it takes you at least a year to complete that first draft? Do you believe that if only you had more time maybe you too could be this prolific? Whatever your circumstances you can improve your productivity, write more words in the time you have available and, ultimately, get your book finished.

This books contains tips and techniques to enable you to:
– Write faster and increase your word count
– Avoid distractions and overcome procrastination
– Turn your book into a project with manageable tasks and targets
– Set a deadline, and hit it
– Use your diary to effectively manage your time
– Take control of your “to do” list
– Overcome imposter syndrome
– Avoid technology overload
– Manage writer’s block
– Stay focused, energised and motivated
– Make effective use of writer’s tools
– Create more time to write
– And finally – finish that book.

Follow the techniques in this book and you will be able to write, edit and publish your book to a deadline that you’ve already determined is achievable. Continue to make changes that improve your productivity and you too will become a productive, prolific and successful writer.

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Pomodoro for Writers: A Short Guide to Writing Productivity and Time Management Technique

Book Description

Are you a writer?

Do you want to increase the writing productivity?

Haven’t you heard about ’pomodoro’ technique yet?

Do you want to use your writing time effectively?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have a look at this book.

This is a short guide about one of the powerful technique ’pomodoro’ for writers to increase their writing productivity and manage their everyday writing time effectively.

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The KICK ASS Writing Habits: 7 Habits That Work Of Highly Successful Writers (Writing Habits, Writing Skills, Power Of Habits, Overcome Writer’s Block, Defeat Procrastination, More productivity)

Learn From The Best The SECRETS To Speed Up Your Productivity, Kill Procrastination And Easily Overcome The Writer’s Block Once For All!

This book contains 7 writing habits used by legendary writers. In this book, you will learn the secret writing habits these legendary and successful writers developed as well as how these habits improved their writing speeds and abilities. You will also learn how to form similar habits and apply them to your personal life to achieve writing success. If being a successful writer is your lifelong dream, this book will change your life.

Here Is The Preview Of What You Will Learn…

  • The Writer’s Block myth
  • How to Overcome Procrastination
  • Realistic Habits That work
  • Write Even When Not in the Mood
  • Write 1,000 Words Daily
  • How to Brainstorm for Writing Ideas
  • Games And Writer’s Creativity
  • Much, much


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