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The Emotional Wound Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Psychological Trauma

Readers connect to characters with depth, ones who have experienced life’s ups and downs. To deliver key players that are both realistic and compelling, writers must know them intimately—not only who they are in the present story, but also what made them that way. Of all the formative experiences in a character’s past, none are more destructive than emotional wounds. The aftershocks of trauma can change who they are, alter what they believe, and sabotage their ability to achieve meaningful goals, all of which will affect the trajectory of your story.

Identifying the backstory wound is crucial to understanding how it will shape your character’s behavior, and The Emotional Wound Thesaurus can help. Inside, you’ll find:

•A database of traumatic situations common to the human experience
•An in-depth study on a wound’s impact, including the fears, lies, personality shifts, and dysfunctional behaviors that can arise from different painful events
•An extensive analysis of character arc and how the wound and any resulting unmet needs fit into it
•Techniques on how to show the past experience to readers in a way that is both engaging and revelatory while avoiding the pitfalls of info dumps and telling
•A showcase of popular characters and how their traumatic experiences reshaped them, leading to very specific story goals
•A Backstory Wound Profile tool that will enable you to document your characters’ negative past experiences and the aftereffects

Root your characters in reality by giving them an authentic wound that causes difficulties and prompts them to strive for inner growth to overcome it. With its easy-to-read format and over 100 entries packed with information, The Emotional Wound Thesaurus is a crash course in psychology for creating characters that feel incredibly real to readers.

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The Writer: A Psychological Thriller (The Psychosis Series)

Robert is a criminal psychiatrist working at the California Correctional Institution. While he lives the perfect life with a loving wife and young daughter, he finds himself haunted by fears and memories which he is constantly trying to run away from.

His carefully constructed life is pushed into uncertain territory when an unidentified adversary chooses to use him as the centerpiece of a psychological experiment.

Under conditions which threaten to destroy his life, Robert is forced to ensure that every action he takes is in accordance with a series of instructions delivered to him in a manner which also serves as the signature of his enemy. Unable to identify his opponent or his motives and operating under severe constraints, Robert has no choice but to do what is asked of him.

When he finally finds out who his adversary is, Robert has to grapple with the problem of understanding the man’s motives. He realizes soon that his tormentor is not driven by a logical objective but by something much more complex that ties into his psyche.

But even as Robert tries to mount a psychological counter-attack, he has to deal with an equally powerful mental onslaught by his adversary which threatens to unravel the secrets that Robert has been carefully hiding for most of his life.

Will Robert be able to stop the unknown enemy? Will he be able to save the one thing that matters to him the most? And will he manage to preserve his sanity through the ordeal?

Accompany Robert as he navigates through the most trying days and nights of his life in this gripping tale of damaging secrets and concealed obsessions. But also be warned – obsessions don’t subside, they evolve.

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