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Sleep Writer (Book 1)

“For my taste this is one of the best novels I’ve read regardless of genre; it haunted me for several days after I read it. Read this novel regardless of your age; I doubt you’ll be disappointed, and your mind may be stretched a bit. The final ten percent blew me away.” –Piers Anthony, New York Times bestselling author of the Magic of Xanth (full review at HiPiers.com, July 2015 newsletter)

Everything changes for twelve-year-old Liam when a girl moves in next door. Madison is fifteen, pretty, and much weirder than she seems.

Sometimes when she’s sound asleep, she scrawls a message on a notepad by her pillow. She finds these cryptic words when she wakes the next morning – a time and a place. But for what? Liam and best friend Ant join her when she goes hunting around a cemetery late one night, and life is never the same again…

So begins one freaky adventure after another involving all manner of aliens, monsters, and ghouls. SLEEP WRITER is the first in a brand new sci-fi/fantasy series by the author of ISLAND OF FOG.

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