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Buffy Sainte-Marie: 'My music is much more diverse than almost any singer you … – The Guardian

The Guardian
Buffy Sainte-Marie: 'My music is much more diverse than almost any singer you
The Guardian
I didn't get into the music business because somebody made me take piano lessons, you know. I got into music because I was a natural writer and had a lot of curiosity about sound. And in the 1960s there was an open window into what people call the

The Prolific Writer: How to Write Faster, Better, and More Easily than Ever Before

Stop staring at the blank page and make your writing dreams come true through professional, prolific writing. Every writer knows that writing takes practice, but how do you find the time in a busy schedule? For those who write full-time, the schedule may be open, but pushing yourself to complete tedious writing projects can be difficult. The Prolific Writer provides numerous tools and tips for dealing with problems that plague many writers.

Ethan Miller draws from years of writing experience to deliver realistic and easy-to-implement advice about dealing with writer’s block, beating procrastination, setting reasonable goals and writing fast first drafts. He also provides valuable tips for conducting quality research and proofing material prior to submission. This book provides tips for the aspiring writer as well as advice for those who are already freelancing. Whether you are a student, business manager or freelance writer, Miller’s experience can help you make the most of your writing and develop skills that will drive you toward success.

Stop missing deadlines or burning the midnight oil to get a project done. Read The Prolific Writer and find out how to manage your time and increase writing productivity today.

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