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The Writer: “Fragility”: Season Three FINALE Episode 15 (Season 3)

In the season three finale of The Writer, Michael, Alek and the gang come to terms with their limited options and commit to one winner-take-all meeting with Spectre. A bleak air smothers their spirits as they all expect to die.

Meanwhile, Big D continues to piece together who this young mystery man is that Alek went to get from Dr. Highmore’s office. With video proof of Alek’s presence at the office moments before Highmore’s death, all D needs is a witness to corroborate his theory that Alek murdered the doctor in cold blood.

Garrett’s vigilantism maturing, he continues on his path of stopping Alek by tailing the man through the city, hoping to catch his evil deeds. But with the final showdown looming, he may stumble upon evidence he isn’t ready for.

Who will live and who will die in the battle between Spectre and the gang? Is his the end for Michael and Alek? And will Garrett finally get to be the hero he so richly desires to be? Read the season three finale of The Writer to find out!

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The Writer: “Brainstorm”: Season Three Episode 12

After learning that Michael will be Spectre’s next target, Alek rushes over to save him but commits an unforgivable sin in the process. They narrowly escape with their lives, living another day to battle against the forces of the masked swordsman. But who is he? They still are no closer to figuring out the man (or woman’s) identity. Now that Michael has joined the brain trust, will they discover who is trying to kill them in time to stop the would-be assassin, or will they all fall victim to the slice of his blade? Read The Writer season 3 episode 12 to find out!

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The Writer: “By the Sword and the Needle”: Season Three Episode 11

With Vernon’s continued whispers of the efficacy of the drugs, Alek finally stops to test his best friend’s claim. But even without the influence of narcotics, he finds himself slowly slipping into a debilitated mental state while Spectre continues to taunt and torture him with the murders of his people, this time promising a slaughter.

As Alek deals with the Spectre thing, Michael comes to a crossroads in his life. Not only is class ending, but he has seen an increase in tension between Jenna and Garrett, and starts to suspect the latter’s change is due to more than the stress of running a mayoral campaign.

Will Alek find the strength and mental health enough to face Spectre and defeat this new nemesis? Will Michael discover Garrett’s secret? And what of Michael’s confession to the doctor? How will the doctor deal with knowing of Michael’s association with Alek? Read episode 11 of The Writer now to find out!

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The Writer: “That Which Blinds”: Season Three Episode 10

And then came the video.

Alek’s mind slowly starts to slip into senility with Spectre’s newest taunts. Even when he receives an important video, he hasn’t a clue of what to do with the information contained on it.

Michael, after his confession to Dr. Highmore, finds himself obsessing once more over if he’ll become that which he seeks to be. He starts his own investigation into Garrett’s secrets too distract from his own.

Meanwhile, Garrett finds the drug culture unbearable. In a desperate attempt to limit the amount of overdoses, he does an unthinkable action.

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The Writer: “A Competent Fool” : Season Three Episode 9

What fool speaks wisdom when he knows not a thing? What wise man acts foolish when he realizes he knows not a thing? There be no answer to either but a competent fool can give two.
As his battle with his new opponent intensifies, Alek discovers the extent to which Spectre has infiltrated his life. From such suspicion grows an ease not even he sees coming.
Michael makes a dangerous confession to someone he trusts. As if his soul-baring weren’t enough to deal with, he starts to develop a sinister vision of Garrett.
Big D acts on his theory about Alek’s involvement with a doctor, beginning his search in the same hospital where a most unlikely event occurred. Will Alek use the new-found evidence to discover the identity of his new nemesis. Will Garrett make a meaningful impact on the addicts lives in Cleveland? And can Big D finally find credible evidence to bring Alek down? Read episode 9 of The Writer to find out.

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The Writer: “An Invitation To A Duel”: Season Three Episode 7

Though Dr. Highmore believed she stumbled upon a breakthrough by opening up to her newest patient, Michael still struggles to tell her the full truth about Alek’s devilry.
After a break-in at one of Alek’s cleaners, he must figure out who did it while finding a solution to a business problem with some of the Ackermans’ old associates.
Meanwhile, the Spectre happens into a serendipitous circumstance for chaos and delivers a message.
Is Alek closer to catching the person killing his men, or has Spectre taken the upper hand? And will Michael finally confess his dark deeds to the doctor? Read episode seven to find out!

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The Writer: “The Boy He Were” : Season Three Episode 5

To reclaim his past and deal with any pain left over from his childhood, Michael embarks on a journey of re-self-discovery as he revisits key places from his earlier memories. Meanwhile, Alek tries to figure out how to deal with the new threat while celebrating the opening of his new Lab White. Will Michael truly remember what shaped him into who he has become? Will Alek sit and do nothing, allowing the threat to grow in power? Read Episode 5 to find out.

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The Writer: “Toy Story” : Season Three Episode 4

A deceptive action sends Alek into a worrisome tizzy that results in Michael coming to his house to stay for a night. But Michael has his own problems. His dreams and visions steadily grow worse as he realizes he no longer has full grip on who he once was. The meeting between angel and devil finally happens as Garrett’s gala pulls together some of Cleveland’s most noteworthy business people. Will Alek figure out who his new enemy is before something heinous happens? And can Michael escape Alek’s house with his life? Read episode 4 to find out.

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