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Jules Verne: The Extraordinary Voyages Collection (The Greatest Writers of All Time)

This ebook comprises the 54 volumes of the Extraordinary Voyages cycle by Jules Verne. (Important note: due to copyright restrictions, novels marked with a (*) are offered in their original French)

For a better reading experience, we have created active tables of contents at the beginning of each volume as well as a master table of contents. Clicking on a volume or a chapter title will take you to the parent table of contents.


1.Five weeks in a balloon, or, journeys and discoveries in Africa by three Englishmen
2.The adventures of Captain Hatteras
3.A journey into the center of the Earth
4.From the Earth to the Moon
5.In search of the castaways
6.20,000 leagues under the sea
7.Around the Moon
8.A floating city
9.The adventures of three Englishmen and three Russians in South Africa
10.The fur country
11.Around the world in eighty days
12.The mysterious island
13.The survivors of the Chancellor
14.Michael Strogoff, or the courier of the Czar
15.Off on a comet
16.The underground city, or the child of the cavern
17.Dick Sand, a captain at fifteen
18.The Begum’s Millions
19.Tribulations of a Chinaman in China
20.The steam house
21.Eight hundred leagues on the Amazon
22.Godfrey Morgan
23.The green ray
24.Kéraban the inflexible
25.The vanished diamond
26.The archipelago on fire
27.Mathias Sandorf
28.The lottery ticket
29.Robur the conqueror
30.Texar’s Revenge, or, North Against South
31.The flight to France
32.Two years’ vacation
33.Family without a name
34.The purchase of the North Pole, or Topsy-Turvy
35.César Cascabel
36.Mistress Branican
37.Carpathian Castle
38.Claudius Bombarnac
39.Foundling Mick
40.Captain Antifer
41.Propeller island
42.Facing the flag
43.Clovis Dardentor
44.An Antarctic mystery
45.The Mighty Orinoco*
46.The will of an eccentric
47.The castaways of the flag*
48.The village in the treetops*
49.The sea serpent*
50.The Kip brothers*
51.Traveling Scholarships*
52.A drama in Livonia*
53.Master of the world
54.Invasion of the sea*

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George Eliot: All the Novels (The Greatest Writers of All Time – Expanded Multimedia Edition [includes a new introduction, audiobooks links & an in-depth biography of the author])

This NEW and EXPANDED Multimedia Edition contains:

  • a new introduction
  • links to free audiobooks
  • an in-depth biography of the author
  • several HTML tables of contents
  • high quality layouts

For more detailed information, please read the “EXPANDED MULTIMEDIA EDITION” section at the beginning of the book.


Here you will find the complete novels of George Eliot in the chronological order of their original publication.

Adam Bede
The Mill on the Floss
Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe
Felix Holt the Radical
Middlemarch: a study of provincial life
Daniel Deronda

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Productivity for Writers: How to get more done, write more words and create more time to write (Write it! Publish it! Sell it! Book 8)

Do you often wonder how some writers produce four, eight or even ten books every year whilst it takes you at least a year to complete that first draft? Do you believe that if only you had more time maybe you too could be this prolific? Whatever your circumstances you can improve your productivity, write more words in the time you have available and, ultimately, get your book finished.

This books contains tips and techniques to enable you to:
– Write faster and increase your word count
– Avoid distractions and overcome procrastination
– Turn your book into a project with manageable tasks and targets
– Set a deadline, and hit it
– Use your diary to effectively manage your time
– Take control of your “to do” list
– Overcome imposter syndrome
– Avoid technology overload
– Manage writer’s block
– Stay focused, energised and motivated
– Make effective use of writer’s tools
– Create more time to write
– And finally – finish that book.

Follow the techniques in this book and you will be able to write, edit and publish your book to a deadline that you’ve already determined is achievable. Continue to make changes that improve your productivity and you too will become a productive, prolific and successful writer.

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Pomodoro for Writers: A Short Guide to Writing Productivity and Time Management Technique

Book Description

Are you a writer?

Do you want to increase the writing productivity?

Haven’t you heard about ’pomodoro’ technique yet?

Do you want to use your writing time effectively?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have a look at this book.

This is a short guide about one of the powerful technique ’pomodoro’ for writers to increase their writing productivity and manage their everyday writing time effectively.

To know more about this easy to use technique, Download your copy Now!

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Writer (Daughter of Time) (Volume 2)

From hatred, Love. From many, One. Book 2 in the Daughter of Time trilogy: A love story and sci-fi epic about the beautiful and terrible destiny of profoundly star-crossed lovers with a galaxy’s fate in their hands. 

“A work of literary fiction that transcends its genre. Read this novel. Immediately.” -Portland Book Review

“Stebbins’s trilogy remains both fascinating and unpredictable. WRITER possesses all of the style, elegance, and tension that made READER gripping. Those who loved the first book will find themselves enraptured by the second, which secures a ready audience for what will surely be a stunning conclusion.” -ForeWord Reviews

“Deeply thoughtful and exciting, warping the expectations of the genre. It stays fun while plumbing unexpected depths, and reminds me of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion and Endymion, though more approachable. This is the second book, but if you missed Reader, don’t worry about being left behind with WRITER; it is immersive in the way of the best scifi, sucking you in and pulling you along. If you enjoy science fiction at all, take a look at WRITER: it’s worth the read.” -San Francisco Book Review

“Anticipate trips through time and space, wrenching separations and confrontations that will test the lovers’ bond to each other and to their world…be prepared for another epic story that turns on a dime and leaves its ending open for yet more added attractions later.” -Midwest Book Review

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Daughter of Time Trilogy: Reader, Writer, Maker

“Literary fiction that transcends its genre. Read this novel. Immediately.”

Portland Book Review of WRITER

Speculative fiction with time travel, alien armageddon, metaphysical mysteries, action, adventure, cosmology, and cybernetics, religion, and romance! READER, WRITER, AND MAKER: All three novels of the trilogy in one book.

READER:From the future, a final plea. Out of the past, a last hope.

Ambra Dawn, a young girl born to die in freakish disregard. A doomed world, enslaved to forces unseen. A final hope beyond imagining. Become a Reader, because in the end, the most unbelievable step in the adventure – will be your own.

“Unique and altogether profound, reminiscent of Bradbury, haunting, thought-provoking and surprisingly philosophical” -San Francisco Book Reviews, READER

WRITER:From hatred, Love. From many, One.

Book 2 in the Daughter of Time trilogy: A love story and sci-fi epic about the beautiful and terrible destiny of profoundly star-crossed lovers with a galaxy’s fate in their hands.

“Deeply thoughtful and exciting, warping the expectations of the genre… reminds me of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion.” -San Francisco Book Reviews, WRITER

MAKER:Until all is lost, nothing is found.

Conclude the epic story of Ambra Dawn in the final installment of the trilogy. A story in which the one that was lost will be found. Where a thief will guide through chaos and time. Where all that was held dear will perish. And in that final and utter destruction—there will be a Creation.

“Exploratory fiction at its most powerful and intelligent, Maker will challenge and reward all those who have ever wanted to believe in almost anything.” -ForeWord Reviews, MAKER

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