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The Gift of Writing: 10 Ways to Share Your Heart, Nurture Your Relationships and Leave a Legacy (15 Minute Writer Book 2)

Your words have power! You can make a significance difference with your words today – and in future generations. Your quotes, words of wisdom, poems and stories can outlive you and impact generations to come.

In the “Gift of Writing,” you will find ideas, tips, and encouragement to share your heart, nurture your relationships and leave your own legacy.

With easy to follow advice in this book, you will ~

– Learn specific ways to write notes and letters for the most impact.
– Discover fresh ways to unite your family and bring friends closer.
– Gain tips on how to make an ordinary day special.
– Discover fun ideas on how to enhance special occasions and holidays.
– Discover proven strategies to motivate people to achieve great things.
– Save time and money on your gifts yet make them more meaningful
– Learn how to share your stories and leave a treasured legacy.

In this book, you find many ways you can integrate “The Gift of Writing” into your daily life. You will discover the power of your words and the treasure they can be to others.

You will be inspired to build others up as well as build something that will outlast your life to enrich others.

Get motivated. Get inspired. Come and Enjoy the Gift of Writing!

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Writer’s Revenge: The 7 Best Ways To Get Paid As A Writer So You Can Monetize Your Writing

Are you frustrated because you love to write, but you just aren’t sure how to monetize your content?

Are you annoyed that everyone else seems to be a successful writer, but you can’t launch your content regardless of how hard you try?

If you’re a writer, content creator, author, or someone who’s currently failing with their content, I honestly believe you’ll enjoy this book.

So you can finally have the freedom that’s only possible when your content is in demand, and people are actually paying for it.

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Improve Eyesight: 5 Ways I Used to Correct My Eyesight Naturally Without Corrective Lenses or Surgery

Are you scared of having eye surgery? Are you tired of having to wear contacts or glasses?

This book will show you 5 simple ways you can correct your eyesight without expensive surgery. Try these out before you do anything else. Your problem may have an easier fix than you think.

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