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Genuine Leather Handmade Journal to Write in Notebook Refillable Diary for Men Women Writers Artist Poet Gift for Him Her

Handmade Leather Journal Notebook Refillable Diary for Men Women By Rustic Town

Length 6.5″, Width 1″, Height 8″ inches
Easy To Write, Smooth Texture, Use Any Pen
Handcrafted by Indian Artisans
A Fair Trade Product

Rustic Town is connected with a number of Organizations within India which work to bring employment to artisans and keep alive traditional skills.

Pls note that extra refills are available for this leather Refillable journal here below:

Product Features

  • ✅ GENUINE DURABLE LEATHER :- Soft & Supple Dark Brown Genuine Leather with a real leather scent. Naturally tanned with special oil, a special keepsake for your thoughts, plans & ideas.
  • ✅ NON BLEEDING ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY COTTON UNLINED HANDMADE PAPER :-Paper is produced using Cotton Bio-Mass and is also acid free. Any kind of pen and pencil can be used on this paper. 200 pages (counting both sides). Buy Extra Refills Here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BLFAUAM
  • ✅ PERFECT SIZE FOR MANY USES :- Length 6.5″, Width 1″, Height 8″ inches, easy for handwriting, drawing or sketching and compact enough for carrying in your bag. Ideal for alternative Artists, Travelling, Business, Teen Journals, Poetry Work, Journalists, Food Planner, Scrapbook etc.
  • ✅ HANDMADE AND TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP:- Rustic Town is proud to bring more than 100 years’ experience of traditional Indian craftsmanship. Providing support to many Artists.
  • ✅ VINTAGE AND ANTIQUE APPEARANCE :- Designed to stand out from the crowd. Hand cut asymmetric flap and cover with handmade paper. The leather wrap around effectively keeps your journal closed . This old-fashioned leather has an amazing smell!

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Cengage Learning Write Experience 2.0 (Powered by MyAccess) for VanderMey/Meyer/Van Rys/Sebranek’s The College Writer: A Guide to Thinking, Writing, and Researching, 5th Edition

Please check the ISBN that your instructor provided. If the ISBN-13 does not match this prodict (9781285450766) or its Printed Access Card equivalent (9781285450773) this may not be the correct product. In some cases, you may also require a course code from your Instructor.

Cengage Learning’s Write Experience helps you improve your written and critical thinking skills through real-time guidance, in your native language, as you write. After submitting your assignment, Write Experience not only scores your writing instantly, it provides detailed revision goals and instant feedback to spur constant improvement on your writing assignments as well as help you improve overall writing skills.

Product Features

  • This product requires a Course Key from your Instructor to fully activate. Please consult your Professor or class syllabus for the specific Course Key.
  • ISBN: 9781285450766
  • Access to this product is valid for 180 days after initial login. After this period, this product can be viewed under the “view expired” link in your CengageBrain account.

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Writer on a Budget: Insider Tips & Resources to Help You Write, Polish, Publish, and Market Your Book At Minimal Cost

Ever wanted to write a book, get it published, and earn royalties each month from the sales — but you’re not sure where to start?

Have you gotten the impression that self-publishing a book that has a shot at being a best-seller will cost a lot more than you can possibly afford?

And would you really like to avoid going (deeper) into debt?

I wish I’d had a book like this when I was ready to finally get my first book written and self-published. I’m writing it now to help fellow authors (both published and not-yet-published) to save as much money as they can while still accessing the help they need to get their books written, polished, published, and marketed.

Writer on a Budget will help with the following:

  • Getting your book written and developing your own process for your first and future books
  • Designing your book’s cover to attract your target readers
  • Self-editing and proofreading your book or finding a good and affordable editor and/or proofreader — depending on your needs
  • Formatting your book for both Kindle and paperback (CreateSpace)
  • Publishing your book on KDP and CreateSpace
  • Launching and marketing your book — without spending a lot of money on promotions that cost more (in money, time, or both) than they’re worth
  • Finding your own way — and your own writing budget — based on your specific needs and writing goals

No two authors are alike, and there is no one-size- or one-budget-fits-all approach.

You’re not crazy or even borderline delusional if you hear the expert advice about outsourcing everything — and expecting to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your book ready for publication — and you think, “How ‘bout I see how much of this I can do on my own.”

Because you don’t know until you try just how much of it you can do — and do well — on your own.

For example, you might actually enjoy designing your own covers, and — with some research and some easily-accessible (and short) design tutorials — you might find you have a knack for it.

Or maybe editing is something you already do for others, and you’re hoping to save yourself hundreds of dollars by doing your own. Don’t let anyone tell you “Editing your own work is always a mistake,” because it isn’t. Not always.

It’s good to get an extra pair of eyes looking at your book, but depending on what you need — and what your book needs — you may not have to pay someone a thousand dollars or more to get your book edited and proofread.

We don’t have to go broke to make great books. So, let’s get started making more of them!

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Productivity for Writers: How to get more done, write more words and create more time to write (Write it! Publish it! Sell it! Book 8)

Do you often wonder how some writers produce four, eight or even ten books every year whilst it takes you at least a year to complete that first draft? Do you believe that if only you had more time maybe you too could be this prolific? Whatever your circumstances you can improve your productivity, write more words in the time you have available and, ultimately, get your book finished.

This books contains tips and techniques to enable you to:
– Write faster and increase your word count
– Avoid distractions and overcome procrastination
– Turn your book into a project with manageable tasks and targets
– Set a deadline, and hit it
– Use your diary to effectively manage your time
– Take control of your “to do” list
– Overcome imposter syndrome
– Avoid technology overload
– Manage writer’s block
– Stay focused, energised and motivated
– Make effective use of writer’s tools
– Create more time to write
– And finally – finish that book.

Follow the techniques in this book and you will be able to write, edit and publish your book to a deadline that you’ve already determined is achievable. Continue to make changes that improve your productivity and you too will become a productive, prolific and successful writer.

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The Weekend Writer: How to Write a Quality Non-Fiction Book in Two Months even if You Have a Full-Time Job (Work from Home Series 6)

Do you fear you’ll never write a book because you don’t have the time?

Let me guess—you’re a writer, but so far, the book you know will be a big hit is stuck inside your head because you simply don’t have the time to sit down and write it. You’ve probably been told that it takes years to write a quality book, but I’m here to tell you that’s just not true.

It’s possible to write a quality book in two months—writing only on the weekends—using my REALISTIC step-by-step plan.

I’m not talking about putting out some of the junk that passes for eBooks these days. Too many would-be authors have bought into the idea that they can publish just any hastily written book and make a killing. But that’s simply not true.

My easy-to-implement plan will show you how to write a book you’ll be proud to put your name on. And because you will publish a quality book, you’ll have a platform to build on as readers follow you and purchase future books. Writing books can enable you to earn passive income, promote your business, or you can start a second career as an author.

Here’s what you’ll find in this revolutionary book:

  • How to get in the right mindset to write on a limited schedule
  • How to choose a book topic that sells
  • How to outline your book in a way that makes writing it easier
  • How to set up a no-fail writing schedule so you can meet your deadline
  • How to use productivity hacks that will help you stay on track and accomplish your goal
  • How to edit quickly and efficiently
  • A weekend-by-weekend blueprint that shows you the exact steps you need to take to have a finished book in just two months—only writing on the weekends.

Are you ready to begin writing your book?

Download this book and begin NOW!

Scroll up and hit the buy button.

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Writer Key Chain – Born to Write – Writer Gift – Literary Key Chain – Keychain

“Born to Write” – Handcrafted round pendant measures 1 inch across (25mm) and has been created using a shiny silver or antique bronze tone bezel. Artwork has been sealed under a non-yellowing, scratch resistant, high gloss epoxy bubble which enhances the image. The pendant comes with a matching key ring. The entire key chain measures 2.5″ long. Water resistant, light weight, and durable.

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TV Writer by Day, Novelist by Night: How to Write Your Novel and Keep Your Day Job

Do you already write for a living, but know you have more to say?

Do you secretly dream of having a novel with your name on it sitting prominently on bookstore shelves?

TV Writer by Day, Novelist by Night can help you make that happen.

It is a supportive guide to turning your novel writing dreams into reality. At times both humorous and poignant, the author leads the writer along a path of self discovery and growth, uncovering answers to some of the most often asked questions:

  • How to find the time to write
  • Where to find inspiration
  • What to do when the words stop flowing
  • How to overcome self sabotaging thoughts
  • How to navigate writer’s roadblocks, like well intended advice, busy schedules, family and career demands and loss of enthusiasm

Loaded with helpful exercises to facilitate the writing process and proven methods on quieting the thoughts that prevent writing, this book will take the writer from start to finish in a 7-step program.

Utilizing a lifetime of experience in writing and personal business development, Kim Benjamin shares many of the same techniques she uses with her clients as a writing coach.

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Women’s I Am A Writer Shirt funny Author Write Writer Gift T-Shirt Large Black

I Am A Writer Shirt funny Author Write Writer Gift T-Shirt. Perfect Gifts for anyone who love writing, author, novel writer.

Product Features

  • I Am A Writer T-Shirt for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Kids.
  • Perfect Gifts for anyone who love writing, author, novel writer.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book and Become a Productive Writer: Actionable Tips for Shattering Writer’s Block

Have you been toying with the idea of writing your own nonfiction book but don’t know how to get started?

Have you ever been gripped by writer’s block and felt at a loss for words when you tried to write?

Do you want to generate endless streams of passive income for yourself so that you can make money while you sleep and not have to depend on a job, a location, or a person for your livelihood?

If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect book for you.

This is not a book trying to sell you self-publishing courses. You will learn useful methods to find your muse and boost productivity.

In this book, I will share with you my own experience and lessons learned to help you write and publish your first nonfiction book quicker.

I will walk you through the key steps of writing and publishing a book from start to finish. More importantly, I will explain my creative processes, which will give you some useful pointers on how to go about your own book project.

I will also recommend inexpensive and free resources to help you expand your education as a writer. You don’t have to pay through the nose to get the training and tools you need to become a good writer.

I will also show you how to do research for your book and draw inspiration from multiple sources. In this book, you will find useful tips to shatter writer’s block and become a more productive writer. Equipped with the right tools and resources, you will no longer dread the process of writing.

Once you publish your book, you will have an information product for life. As you keep adding to your book portfolio, you will continue to enjoy endless streams of passive income. You will be making money while you sleep, perhaps even while sunbathing on a Caribbean beach. It’s definitely a lifestyle worth fighting for.

Grab a copy now and start writing your own book!

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Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them (P.S.)

Long before there were creative-writing workshops and degrees, how did aspiring writers learn to write? By reading the work of their predecessors and contemporaries, says Francine Prose.

In Reading Like a Writer, Prose invites you to sit by her side and take a guided tour of the tools and the tricks of the masters. She reads the work of the very best writers&#8212Dostoyevsky, Flaubert, Kafka, Austen, Dickens, Woolf, Chekhov&#8212and discovers why their work has endured. She takes pleasure in the long and magnificent sentences of Philip Roth and the breathtaking paragraphs of Isaac Babel; she is deeply moved by the brilliant characterization in George Eliot’s Middlemarch. She looks to John Le Carré for a lesson in how to advance plot through dialogue, to Flannery O’Connor for the cunning use of the telling detail, and to James Joyce and Katherine Mansfield for clever examples of how to employ gesture to create character. She cautions readers to slow down and pay attention to words, the raw material out of which literature is crafted.

Written with passion, humor, and wisdom, Reading Like a Writer will inspire readers to return to literature with a fresh eye and an eager heart.

Product Features

  • Trade paperback

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Women’s Write Like No One’s Gonna Read It Advice T-Shirt Large Black

Product Features

  • One of the most important rules of writing is to write like no one’s gonna read what you wrote. This writer’s advice tee is a great tee for the professional or amateur writer who writes fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, romance, mysteries, horror, fantasy, scifi, young adult fiction, or crime dramas.
  • The advice tee is a great way to complete a casual outfit to a bookstore, library, book signing, librarian’s convention, comic book store, school, college, book club meeting, study group, mall, or movie theater. A great gift for an English or creative writing teacher, it’s suitable to wear while writing, reading, studying, outlining a story, or hanging out with fellow writers.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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3dRose I Write What’s Your Superpower Fun Gift for Writers Writing Love Two Tone Black Mug, 11 oz, Black/White

I Write – What’s your superpower – fun gift for writers – writing love Mug is available in both 11 oz and 15 oz. Why drink out of an ordinary mug when a custom printed mug is so much cooler? This ceramic mug is lead free, microwave safe and FDA approved. Image is printed on both sides. Hand washing is recommended.

Product Features

  • White ceramic mug with black interior and handle
  • Image printed on both sides
  • Available in 11oz only
  • Microwave safe, hand-wash to preserve image
  • High gloss finish

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Write a Novel Outline from Scratch!

Do you have a story idea inside you that you’re dying to write, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you already writing a novel, but the story has become too complicated and you don’t know how to make progress? Maybe you already have your own novel outlining process, but you simply want to improve it?

Or … perhaps you don’t even have a story idea yet, but you just love the thought of writing a novel.

Write a Novel Outline from Scratch! is an indispensable tool for storytellers of all levels and backgrounds. In this step-by-step guide, author Andrew Butcher shows you how to come up with a story idea and create a complete novel outline, including detailed character bios, location sheets, and loads of bonus tips that will transform your writing process into one that works!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced writer. It only matters that you want to outline an intricate story that will wow your readers. On top of that, learning to effectively outline and structure your novel means that when it comes to actually writing it, you’ll write it faster, you’ll write it better, it will need less revision, and—best of all—you’ll get it published sooner!

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

• Generate story ideas and expand them into a complete book outline from SCRATCH!

• Weave plot lines together so intricately it will blow your readers’ minds

• Create vivid story locations that will transport your readers into your story world

• Create fully developed characters your readers will love (or love to hate!)

• Implement BONUS outlining tips that will forever change your writing process

• Gain confidence in your writing by effectively outlining your story first

The book includes links to loads of downloadable files to supplement your learning, and plenty of real-life examples from Andrew’s first novel. There’s even a FREE Scrivener template for Windows available for download, so if you’re a Scrivener user, you can follow the exact template Andrew uses for outlining his stories. But don’t worry, if you’re not a Scrivener user, you will still benefit from reading this book!

By the end of it all, you’ll feel ready to write your book. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and start outlining your novel today!

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How to Write a Love Poem for Your Valentine: Twelve Easy-to-Follow Exercises

The only thing sweeter than a love letter is a love letter with a poem tucked inside. In this accessible guide, an experienced poet and teacher shares twelve exercises you can use to write love poetry for your sweetheart. Take the ideas in this book as a starting point to create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, or refer to the book year-round to express your feelings to someone you love in the form of poetry. You don’t have to have prior experience writing poetry to use this book: you only need a willingness to be creative with words as you explore several different ideas for shaping free verse poems.

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Writers Necklace-voices in My Head Tell My What to Write Necklace-writers Jewelry

Writers Necklace-Voices in my HEAD tell my what to WRITE necklace-writers jewelry- – The artwork is sealed behind a clear dome on a 1 in silver-plated pendant, which protects it and makes it easier to read.. Your necklace will come with an 16 in. silver chain — Unique Keepsake gift -Ready for gift giving jewelry will arrive in a kraft box with a tied bow.. –Each item is handcrafted by me in my Maryland home studio , Each piece of jewelry is made in the USA.PRODUCT CARE: Although it is somewhat protected it is not water-proof

Product Features

  • ● Dimensions – 1 in round
  • ● Chain length16 in
  • ● Material -Silver -plated
  • ● Clasp style – lobster

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642 Things to Write About: Young Writer’s Edition

Write a to-do list for a villain. Describe your dream tree house. Create a haiku about your shoes.

Young writers will get their creative juices flowing with this collection of smart, funny, and thought-provoking writing exercises. Kids can open to any page to find inspiration, express themselves, and jump-start their literary genius. Collected from the clever minds of 826 Valencia, 642 Things to Write About: Young Writer’s Edition is the ultimate playground for imaginative children.

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Writer Gifts Have 8 Reasons to Write But Only 7 Days in the Week Long Sleeve T-Shirt Medium MlGrn

A funny writing gift to give as a birthday gift or gag gift for a writer. This top-quality, 100% cotton T-Shirt is printed direct-to-garment with new age technology that preserves the color-fastness of the design. This unique T-Shirt is designed and printed in the United States with eco-friendly ink, so it is safe for you and the environment. This durable, comfortable T-Shirt is sure to be a hit, whether you’re buying it as a gift for somebody special or wearing it yourself.

Product Features

  • A funny writing gift to give as a birthday gift or gag gift for a writer.
  • 100% cotton (preshrunk). Ash is 99%/1% cotton/poly, Sport Grey is 90%/10% cotton/poly with double-needle neck and hem. For great comfort, it has taped neck and shoulders, rib knit cuffs.
  • The design is printed with new age printing technology, direct-to-garment. It is printed with a water-soluble and eco-friendly ink.
  • It is cured with a heat treatment process to ensure the color-fastness and lasting durability of the design.
  • Authentic ThisWear ® design printed with pride in the United States. This is not an unauthorized replica/counterfeit item. This is an original inspired design and does not infringe on any rights holders rights. Words used in the title/search terms are not intended to imply they are licensed by any rights holders.

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The Prolific Writer: How to Write Faster, Better, and More Easily than Ever Before

Stop staring at the blank page and make your writing dreams come true through professional, prolific writing. Every writer knows that writing takes practice, but how do you find the time in a busy schedule? For those who write full-time, the schedule may be open, but pushing yourself to complete tedious writing projects can be difficult. The Prolific Writer provides numerous tools and tips for dealing with problems that plague many writers.

Ethan Miller draws from years of writing experience to deliver realistic and easy-to-implement advice about dealing with writer’s block, beating procrastination, setting reasonable goals and writing fast first drafts. He also provides valuable tips for conducting quality research and proofing material prior to submission. This book provides tips for the aspiring writer as well as advice for those who are already freelancing. Whether you are a student, business manager or freelance writer, Miller’s experience can help you make the most of your writing and develop skills that will drive you toward success.

Stop missing deadlines or burning the midnight oil to get a project done. Read The Prolific Writer and find out how to manage your time and increase writing productivity today.

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InspirationzStore Typography – I Write – Whats your superpower – fun gift for writers – writing love – 21 oz Sports Water Bottle (wb_194455_1)

I Write – Whats your superpower – fun gift for writers – writing love Water Bottle is is an eco-friendly way to carry your favorite drink to school, work or anywhere you go. This 20 oz aluminum sports bottle features 2 caps, 1 easy-flow twist on drinking spout and 1 standard twist on cap. Another great feature is the included carabiner clip that allows you to attach your bottle securely. Custom printed high gloss image sublimated directly to white glossy exterior surface. Image on both sides. Color will not run or fade with use. Hand washing recommended.

Product Features

  • Made of aluminum. Capacity: 20oz
  • 2 twist on caps – 1 easy-flow drinking spout and 1 standard cap. Carabineer clip also included.
  • Custom printed high gloss image sublimated directly to white glossy exterior surface.
  • Fits most cup holders.
  • Not intended for dishwasher or microwave use.

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ts_194455_36 InspirationzStore Typography – I Write – Whats your superpower – fun gift for writers – writing love – T-Shirts – Adult Light-Pink-T-Shirt Large

I Write – Whats your superpower – fun gift for writers – writing love T-Shirt is a great way to show off your true style. Adult and youth sizes are a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, toddler sizes are 100% cotton. All sizes are available in white, grey, light blue and pale pink and feature a custom printed image.

Product Features

  • Adult and youth sizes are a blend of 50% cotton, 50% polyester.
  • Toddler sizes are 100% cotton.
  • Available in white, grey, light blue or pale pink.
  • Custom printed image applied.
  • Washing instructions: Do not use bleach, dry on low heat, turn inside out

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Born to Write – Writer Necklace – Quote Jewelry – Handmade Quote Necklace

Handcrafted pendant measures 1 inch across (25mm) and has been created using a shiny silver bezel. Artwork has been sealed under a non-yellowing, scratch resistant, high gloss epoxy resin bubble which enhances the image. Pendant comes with a matching 24″ link chain. Pendants are water resistant, but not waterproof…please remove before swimming or showering. Pendants are not intended for children.

Product Features

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Shiny Silver Pendant with Chain
  • Alloy Metal
  • Comes with Matching 24″ Chain

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