Writer Overwhelmed!: Declutter your thinking, develop your superpower & kick overwhelm to the curb

Sick of feeling like, no matter what and how much you do, you’re not doing enough — as a writer, as a spouse, as a parent, etc.?

This is a book about getting back to the truth of who you are and then building on that to create a life and work that is consistent with that truth — written by someone with years of experience writing and fighting overwhelm.

If you’re a writer whose words have touched others and made them glad to have read them, you have a superpower. And that superpower can help you defeat overwhelm in a variety of ways.

So, where do you begin?

And what will this book help you do better than you do now?

  • Know the right questions to ask
  • Identify the assumptions and distortions in your own thinking and the way you react to overwhelm
  • Learn why our own thinking is more to blame for our anxiety and overwhelm than other people’s assumptions, expectations, and guilt trips.
  • Listen to your own life for clues as to what you’re good at and why it matters
  • Learn how to hone your gift — your superpower — and put it to work to banish limiting falsehoods, ditch the damaging filters, and kick overwhelm and your trigger-happy anxiety to the curb.
  • Give yourself permission to pursue the truth of who you are rather than what you and other people have told you you ought to be.

Expectations — yours and other people’s — should be in conformity with your life’s purpose.

Once you gain greater clarity on what expectations you should be striving to meet, you’ll find it easier to fight overwhelm before it has a chance to slow you down (or even paralyze you).

Scroll back up and click “Buy it now,” so you can make the most of your gifts, kick overwhelm and anxiety to the curb, and live your creative life to the fullest!

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